Work we did at Amazon in collaboration with the Amazon Advertising team


Axe moms


Axe wanted to get their products into the hands of their biggest Amazon users - college males. But when analyzing available data, we noticed something wasn’t right. Most of Axe's Amazon customers were also buying diapers and laundry pods. Remarkably, It wasn’t college males buying Axe, it was their moms.

The awkward conversation that usually follows a Mom's realization of her son's new funk seems unavoidable. We positioned Axe as the perfect way for moms and sons to avoid that awkwardness by creating custom content and a messaging tone that appeals to both. By running two campaigns simultaneously, we spoke to each of them about the issue directly so they didn’t have to.


In the first two weeks alone, the campaign outperformed the entire previous year in every category - proving that starting with the right data and the right customer can truly ignite performance.





Company: Amazon Group Creative Director: Michael Lowenstern Creative Director: Michael Kazantzis Designer / Copywriter: Brian Chinn Producer: Joshua Eisenman Photographer: Aleksander Karjaka


Inspired by Perrier

Perrier wanted to drive awareness to its sparkling fruit flavored beverages by inspiring customers with the launch of their new strawberry and watermelon Summer flavors.

Our research on customer sentiment showed that people love to discover new, refreshing drinks they can easily create at home to bring out their inner “mixologist”. Perrier is in a unique position to provide customers with non-alcoholic, low-calorie beverages they can enjoy anytime.

In order to “inspire” ways to enjoy Perrier anytime we curated "mock-tail" pairings and stop-motion recipe videos that were served using morning, noon, and night day-parting for each new Perrier flavor Depending on the time of day, customers would be shown a different drink recipe to match.



Company: Amazon Creative Director: Michael Kazantzis Designer: Zibin Yuan Copywritier: Louisa Diodato Producer: Paul Killebrew Photographer: Jens Johnson


3As do some heavy lifting

An upward trend in health conscious customers was rapidly growing the category of organic, whole-food, and even plant-based proteins, effectively pulling market share from traditional proteins. Syntha-6 needed to set themselves apart in a saturated category that was drifting away from the brand’s core positioning.

Our deep dive into the category and customer sentiment revealed something did, in fact, set Syntha-6 apart in the mind of customers – it tastes great.

A photoshoot was off the table and a single product shot was all we had to work with. Using the 3As methodology we developed a definitive informational and visual hierarchy to highlight the impact of taste and focused on the raw ingredients to bring in the appeal.


A stunning 500% increase in ROAS over the previous year’s campaign.



Company: Amazon Creative Director / Designer: Michael Kazantzis Copywriter: Steve Landau


"Alexa, order Doritos"

Amazon wanted to promote Alexa’s new voice ordering and Doritos signed on to run a co-sponsored gateway campaign, landing page, and Super Bowl spot.

Since snacking is such an integral part of the Super Bowl experience, nothing seems worse than being denied your favorite crunch time snack when the game is on and the stakes are high.

The Super Bowl spot captured a Doritos snacking crisis saved by the frictionless experience of Alexa voice ordering. The next day, an Amazon homepage takeover was launched to support the partnership and a landing page revealed a new video and new snacking crisis, set just moments after the game.




Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.17.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 3.56.58 PM.png


Company: Amazon Creative Director: Michael Kazantzis, Wade Neumeister, Tony Biaggne Designer: Zibin Yuan, Adam Fournier, Young Sun Copywriter: Steve Landau Producer: Paul Killebrew Photographer: Brian Chinn


A cleaner look for laundry

Seventh Generation wanted a campaign relaunch on Amazon. With creative fatigue setting in for their current laundry creative, the brand was looking for a new campaign the strongly aligned with the brand’s mission to inspire a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations.

With no shoot budget and only a product shot to work with, we built the art from scratch to give the creative a breath of fresh air. The Hero Art was developed, using the 3As methodology, to be strong and impactful, yet simple and clean, keeping the focus on natural products with minimal environmental impact. The top-down composition was deliberately chosen to ensure maximum compatibility with varying formats while leaving the product in a position to be easily interchangeable within the product portfolio range.


Company: Amazon Creative Director / Designer: Michael Kazantzis Copywriter: Brian Chinn


Unilever scores with Fire TV

As an official sponsor of the Final Four, Unilever wanted to leverage its partnership with the NCAA to reach a male audience, off platform, that is not typically engaged with the product category.

Data showed the demographic had a positive sentiment toward childhood nostalgia and gaming, along with a high percentage of Fire TV users. We developed our proposal to bring that nostalgia back to targeted customers and built an experience around the inspiration of late 80’s arcade style games - giving them a fun way to engage with the brand.

The Home Court game was developed for Fire TV and Desktop, revealing a key data point from the Fire TV numbers that showed an offline behavioral change in a branded environment. Since there was no purchasing opportunity on the Fire TV, customers who played the game on Fire TV, actually went to their computers and phones to purchase the products. With a 99% interaction rate and 6 game replay average, the Fire TV experience drove the highest purchase rate, even though it was unshoppable.


Company: Amazon Creative Director: Michael Kazantzis Designer: Brian Chinn Design Technologist: Michael Trueman