“I didn’t know Amazon COULD DO THAT”

It’s a phrase we’ve heard a lot over the years. In fact, we’ve helped to develop and lead several trainings around that very idea. Countless airports, highways, hotel rooms, and conference rooms, welcomed us as we traversed the country as the owners of Amazon’s Trusted Creative Partner Program, training and certifying brands and their agencies looking to unlock the secret sauce of Amazon Advertising. We had it, they wanted it, and we were willing to share it. Then, somewhere in between the data points of how our creative best practices increase performance and explaining the subtleties and nuances of navigating Amazon’s policies, it became very clear - there’s just an inherent knowledge that comes from working within Amazon for so long that can’t be taught, trained, or presented in a slide show. The understanding of how to make the most of Amazon was best understood from those of us who actually worked there.

That’s how KANE was born.


Throw a stone into any retail environment

It'll hit a brand we've worked with.
We’ve helped hundreds of brands connect with the right customers on Amazon. We’ve digitally established the world’s largest and leveled the playing field for some of the underdogs. Come see how we did it.