Embrace working backwards


Starting with the customer and working backwards allows us to ensure we never lose site of the total experience. Effective data-driven insights, reduced launch friction, and improved ad performance all start with understanding the customer.

Each phase of our approach uses a formula of methodologies to ensure the solution is always data-driven, customer-obsessed, and Amazon-approved.


Amazon is known for its uniquely stringent approach to safeguarding the advertising experience on behalf of its customers. As such, navigating its policies, legal requirements, best practices, acceptance standards, and product requirements is a common source of friction for clients. We know this implicitly and can avoid the obstacles endemic to many advertisers’ collaboration with Amazon.


Utilizing data-driven insights, and institutional knowledge we find the sweet spot where working forwards from the product meets working backwards from the customer.


Brands have precious milliseconds to make a meaningful connection. Through years of A/B testing and iterative refinement of creative best practices, we’ve developed a simple, straighforward approach to creative execution—demonstrably raising measurable performance—by adhering to a clearly defined hierarchy of information based on proven steps of customer engagement. 

By implementing our 3As of Customer Engagement™ we’ve been able to increase ad performance by up to 500%. KANE can’t wait to show you how.